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Compensation Claims Australia is here for you when you have sustained a loss or injury as the result of a serious accident caused by another party. 

Personal injury comes in many forms, and may range from misinformation to defamation. Public liability lawyers can help you stake your claim and get what’s owed to you.

Contact us today to discuss the details of your claim and be put in touch with specialist compensation lawyers who will review your case and guide you with personalised advice.

Our service is free of charge to you and we work with public liability specialists in all the different States and Territories to ensure that you are understood.


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Because the nature of injuries varies so much, many people who have suffered harm are not aware that they are entitled to compensation. Before you call a lawyer, approach Compensation Claims Australia to find out whether or not you are in a position to make a claim. Our experienced team includes lawyers specialising in workplace injuries, personal injuries, motor vehicle accidents and more, and will provide you with advice tailored to your circumstances and guide you towards the maximum payout as per your rights.

From Campbelltown and Parramatta to Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and beyond

The law surrounding injury claims varies throughout Australia, so we can provide you with expert advice relevant to your location. Whether you are looking for compensation lawyers in Parramatta, Campbelltown, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney or anywhere else in the country, our team is equipped with the knowledge to put you in the best possible position.

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Don’t let yourself suffer further when making a claim could be an option available to you — our free advice is just a phone call away, so give us a call and stay informed of your rights.


  • I lost my leg in an accident. My son asked me if we will play cricket together again.

    Thanks to Comp Claims we can.

    Gianni, Sydney, NSW

  • I couldn’t agree more! I was lost, my ex lawyer had no idea –big firm lawyer. Compensation Claims fixed it, true to their word. My family and kids are safe.

    Thank you so much.

    Nicole, Sydney, NSW